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Wow, there’s a really great contest going on at Bitten By Books!  The contest is for Kindle 2!   Runners up will receive a $25 Barnes & Noble giftcard and Rowan of the Wood e-books.  There are literally a lot of ways to enter to win, so make sure you do!  Don’t worry, you have the entire month of May to enter, so there’s plenty of time!

Here’s the link for you:

*Did I mention it’s a FREE Kindle 2?


There’s an interview and contest with Virginia Kantra, where you can win a copy of Sea Lord.

Here’s the link for that:

There’s also an interview and contest with Terri Garey, where you can win a set of autographed books!

Here’s the link for that:

Good luck!

The folks at Bitten By Books need your help!  They want to reach 1,500+ votes on their “Who’s your favorite vampire?” poll.  So go on over and vote!  Hint: there are prizes to be had!

Here’s the link:

Hello bloggers!  There’s a contest going on over at Bitten By Books for a chance to win either 5 copies of Angie Fox’s second novel, The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers.  There’s also a chance for one lucky commenter to receive a walk-on role in Angie’s next book!  Hightail it over to BBB, people!!

Here’s the link for you:

There are several ways to enter as well.

Who doesn’t, is what I want to know.  There’s another chance for a free book today over at BBB.  This time, it’s Mario Acevedo’s book The Undead Kama Sutra.  Head on over and try to get a copy.

Here’s the link to the post:

Good luck 😛

I can’t tell you how much I love BBB!!!  There’s always at least one giveaway going on there, so it makes my contest junkie side so happy!  This time, there’s a giveaway going on for an iPod Shuffle and 2 Visa giftcards, so I suggest you go and try to win them! 

Here’s the link:

I totally forgot to enter this contest and thereby announce it to whoever happens to read my blog(s), but M.R. Sellars is going a massive giveaway at BBB.  I mean MASSIVE. Seventeen people will win either an autographed copy of Blood Moon, an autographed copy of Harm None, or one winner will win the entire autographed set of The Rowan Gant Investigator Series. Oh gosh, I feel so stupid about forgetting.  I’m such a contest junkie, yet I forget an important one such as this!  (Mr. Sellars himself reminded me.)  These are great prizes to be had, people.  Go enter now!  You have until April 2nd to enter!!

Here’s the link:

ATTENTION AUTHORS, PUBLISHERS, AND PROMOTERS: If you would like me to review one of your books, please drop me a line at jaam121388 AT yahoo DOT com. Please put something along the lines of "Book Review" in the subject line so I know it's not spam. I'm not really adverse to any genre except most non-fiction, but my favorites are paranormal and romance (all subgenres). Refer to my review policy if you have any questions, as it will answer most of them. If your question or concern isn't answered there, feel free to contact me via email. Thanks!

If you would like me to put your blog or website on my blogrolls, please email me!

If anyone has promotional items they'd like to donate to me, please email me. I like to pass on bookmarks and such to friends, family, co-workers, and winners of contests here on my blog, and any donation is very welcome.

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